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Link – $1000 FREE DEMO Contest

As DEMO accounts are the only truly risk-free method of learning online financial trading and as competition often brings out the best of us, we at OPTIONFIELD Limited have proudly built this one-of-a-kind arena for you. We hope that Binary Options Traders from around the globe will compete, develop and exchange their experience here and we will do our best to support everyone and constantly introduce new challenges and technology. Our public contests are FREE and open to all, so if you want to test how you rank-up or simply show everyone how it is done, just jump into the field.

Eternal Contest key facts:

  • The contest is restarted every month at 00:00:00 GMT on the first day of the month.
  • The ranking is formed from the profit % of trades during the month
  • Profit % is calculated as profit / total deposits during the month + any existing balance from previous months. For example, if you have 2 demo accounts with total demo deposits of 20 000 USD and during the month you make profits ot 5000 USD, your profit % will be 25%
  • Optionfield does not provide fixed prizes for the eternal contest, however from time to time, we might announce surprize awards so make sure to keep an eye


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