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101% Tradable Bonus – FreshForex


Tradable Bonus 101% gives a real chance to start Forex trading with low investment and double return! Bonus from FreshForex helps you to boost your trading volume and thus, the profit you earn. Start efficient Forex trading with “Tradable Bonus 101%” campaign.

Link – Tradable Bonus 101%” Campaign

  • Duration of the promotion: from June 13, 2016 through July 31, 2019.
  • Only Classic and Market Pro accounts that are not linked to Megarebate 2.0 promotions are eligible for this bonus.
  • To join the bonus plan, you are required to:
    1. Verify personal data;
    2. Link one of your trading accounts to the bonus plan in the Client area. Further you cannot change the selected account;
  • Bonus rate is based on the amount of deposit:
    1. 101% on each deposit from 1000 USD/ 900 EUR;
    2. 75% on each deposit  from 100 USD / 90 EUR.
  • If in the result of conversion, paying commission or other costs the amount is less than the required amount, the bonus shall not be provided.
  • If net arrival of the funds  (all deposits minus withdrawals) from the start of the promotion to the moment of deposit is negative, the bonus shall not be provided.
  • Further transactions are not accounted as deposit:
    1. Deposits made prior to linking client’s account to the promo;
    2. Internal transfers from other account of client to the account participating in the promo;
    3. Any rewards, bonuses and indemnifications provided by the company;
    4. Returns of the funds in the result of cancellation of withdrawal request.
  • Any withdrawal requests and internal transfers to other accounts are considered to be withdrawal under the promotion.
  • The maximum active bonus amount provided under this promotion should not exceed 5 000 USD / 4 500 EUR. After the bonus is cancelled, you may apply for it again unlimited number of times based on the bonus rules.
  • The bonus is credited to “Credit” column, purposed to maintain account under drawdown and increase the trading volume.
  • Bonus is partially debited from the account if current amount on the account exceeds the amount on funds recorded at the moment of crediting bonus (with the account of further credits to the account).


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