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$20 No Deposit Bonus – Closeoption


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Link – $20 No Deposit Bonus

$20 No Deposit Bonus is given to all New Verified Clients. You must have $1333 Transaction for releasing money and Just $200 can be withdrawn. For removing this limit you can Deposit before Starting Your Trade.

1. $20 No Deposit Bonus is given to all new customers who approve their accounts by uploading valid address and identity documents.
2. For releasing $20, it is essential to have a $1600 trading transaction.
3. If the customer has not made any deposit yet, the profit from this bonus can be withdrawn up to $200 and the​ rest amount of the balance will be removed from the customer’s account automatically.
4. If the customer ​deposit at least $5 before trading, ​any ​profit from this bonus can be withdrawn,​ too.
5. Each customer is able to use this bonus once.
6. At the management team’s discretion, the company gives this bonus to any customer.
7. The broker reserves the right to ban any customer who tries to abuse.


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