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200% Deposit Bonus – BestSpreadFX


Our 200% bonus is proof of our motive. BestSpreadFX is a broker you can trust. Take advantage of our exclusive offer immediately, before it is gone forever.

Link – 200% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

Deposit $1200 or more today and we will match your deposit in bonus money. This can provide a little extra safety behind your trades or you can use it to leverage more operational volume. We pay the bonus out over the course of one year and the first payment will be sent to your account as soon as your deposit clears.

On top of that this bonus is stackable. Every time you make a deposit over $1200 you activate the 200% bonus again. In this way, making two $1200 deposits will have the same effect as making one $3600 deposit.

You will be hard pressed to find another company offering a bonus that is as generous or as powerful. Make a deposit with BestSpreadFX today to lock in your 200% bonus while it lasts! At BestSpreadFX we are dedicated to doing what it takes to help you become a successful trader.


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