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50% Deposit Bonus Offer – Closeoption


Link – 50% Deposit Bonus for all Deposit You made

1.Closeoption pay 50%Bonus For All User Deposits( old users will Receive this bonus too)
2.The prize will be withdrawable if you have 40 times of deposit from trading volume, the prize will be withdrawable. I mean, if you deposit 100$, it is enough to have 4000$ trading volume.
3.You can order on bonus balance like Real balance but until your main balance is not zero, you cannot order on bonus balance. In order to order in Real trade , there is no different between bonus balance and real so the users won’t realize any difference but for trading, the real money will be spent and after that the money prize.
4.Until we provide giving prize in CloseOption, for each deposit, you will receive your prize and will add to your bonus account so I mean there is no limitation in number of orders.
5.When you deposit and receive money, there is no limitation to withdraw your main money and you are able to withdraw your deposit money in that time. There is no limitation in withdraw and deposit but the condition of receiving prize is depend on these deposit, withdraw or volume trading.
6. Before giving the prize, if you withdraw the amount of money in your real account, it will reduce from your bonus balance as well. I mean, if you deposit 100$ and we will give you 50$ so now before releasing this 50$, if you want to reduce 10$ out of 100$, 5$ will be reduced from your bonus so until releasing the bonus, try to avoid withdrawing to get the whole prize.
7. When you deposit and something will add to your bonus account, you have times to change this amount of money to Real money and if after a while your volume trading does not reach to our especial amount, your bonus will be expired. If you deposit again, the time duration for releasing another bonus will be extended. For example, if you have 50$ in your account and you have one day left to change it to Real and if you deposit 100$ again (avoid expiring bonus) so your bonus account will increase from 50$ to 100$ and the time for releasing the bonus (expire date) will extend for another period.
8. When arriving the condition of releasing bonus, your bonus will change to Real money automatically and you can trade with it or whenever you want to withdraw without any limitation.
9.It is said that for releasing the bonus you need especial volume trading: if your deposit money is expired and the condition of releasing money is not provided, you are able to order with your bonus money without any limitation. Moreover, change the bonus money to Real money by ordering. So this volume trading includes all orders you do with Real and Bonus.
10.If your bonus money will be ten times more until releasing, CloseOption will add this money to your Real account unless they do not deceive. I mean, it is for sure like a real money but there is a different that you have to trade especial amount of order to withdraw the money.
11.Close Option Company reserves the right to limit the award to different users and reduce the amount of award for scammers’ accounts without any notices.


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