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$50 Free Predict USD/RUB – Grandcapital


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Predict the price of USD/RUB – get $50! The majority expects Federal Reserve to raise the interest rates. However, it will be the first meeting under Jerome Powell, which could cause volatility.

Let’s make predictions regarding price of USD/RUB as it will be on the 29th of March at 20:00 (GMT+3).

We remind you that the price you need to predict is the price of the candlestick that opens at 08:00 PM (20:00) and closes at 08:59 PM (20:59).

The quotes will be taken from the Grand Capital terminal, 1H timeframe. You can publish one comment a day, the comment must contain a number (e.g. 56.2478). You can’t correct the comment once it’s been published.

Your account must be among those, who have shared the post on their timeline to be considered.


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