AvaProtect™ – Trade with Zero Worries

AvaTrade offering its customers the possibility to reduce their risk when trading. Choose AvaProtect when executing your trade and experience total peace of mind. Currently available only on the AvaTradeGO app.

Link – AvaPritect, Trade With Zero Worries

Protection for Your Trades

Imagine opening as many trades as you like with no risk of losing your hard-earned cash for a defined period? Simply protect your trades. Each time you open a position, purchase protection and define its duration. Then, let the market do its magic and treat your new position just like any of your other trades. If your protection ends and you have an open position that’s losing, we’ll simply reimburse your account. The only cost is the AvaProtect fee itself.

Zero Risk, LOTS of Benefits

Unlike a standard position, where things can go south when the market turns against you, protected trades are 100% safe from any adverse movement during the chosen period. In other words, AvaTrade will reimburse you for losing trades at the end of the protected period, direct into your account.

One Small Fee, One Giant Profit Potential

For a small fee at inception, you get a virtual “bodyguard” for your trade and define precisely for how long you want him around. That way, you can sleep at night knowing your trade is in good hands no matter what happens in the market for the protected period!

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