Bitfreezy $50 Forex Welcome Bonus

Bitfreezy’s $50 Welcome Bonus is the right choice for traders looking for the profit withdrawal based trading solution without investing any initial deposit into their account. This offer is made for beginners and professional Forex Traders to get understanding of the platform provided by Bitfreezy with multiple features, ease in withdrawals and to understand the process of how effectively you can trade in MetaTrader 5 Platform.

Link – $50 Welcome Bonus

Terms & Conditions

  • For $50 Welcome Bonus, you are required to have a Live MT5 Account.
  • All existing and new clients can avail this promotion
  • Welcome Bonus will be credited to your MT5 trading account
  • This $50 Welcome Bonus is in the ownership of the Company and is not withdraw-able
  • There are a total of 5000 MT5 trading accounts reserved for this offer.
  • This promotion will be expired on 30-June-2020.
  • The promotion is available on First Come First Served basis
  • If the number of reserved MT5 trading accounts exceeds before promotion’s expiry, the promotion will be terminated immediately
  • Only one $50 Welcome Bonus trading account is allowed per client
  • In $50 Welcome Bonus trading account, Margin Call is at 100% and Stop Out is at 50%
  • In $50 Welcome Bonus trading account, Leverage is fixed at 1:100
  • Change of Leverage, Account Type and commencing Internal Transfer is not allowed
  • Using $50 Welcome Bonus promotion, trading of only Forex currencies is allowed exclusively
  • There is no restriction on trading any trading strategy can be applied
  • The client is eligible for the withdrawal from the profit
  • A client can withdraw a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $100 profit from this promotion. If the client earned a profit of over $100, still $100 is withdrawable
  • To withdraw a profit, the client must complete 5 standard lots of trading in $50 Welcome Bonus trading account

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