CGTrade Deposit Bonus Up To $20000

CGTrade Deposit Bonus

CGTrade deposit bonus is 30% up to $20000. Get more capital support at CGTRADE to help you ride the international financial markets. Setup a trader’s profile and fund with an available electronics payment method to engage Financial trading with CG Trade Brokerage Company.

Link – $20000 Deposit Bonus

CGTrade Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • New customers who open an account with CGTRADE this month will receive an additional 30% CGTrade Deposit Bonus, which can be withdrawn after the transaction volume has reached the standard.
  • Enjoy a seamless trading experience with lightning fast execution with CGTRADE using state-of-the-trade tools and resources.
  • A deposit of $200 will be required to register
  • Complete the corresponding transaction number within 60 days after the grant is issued
  • The calculation period is 60 days from the time the bonus is sent
  • Trading products participating in this promotion are limited to foreign exchange, energy and precious metals
  • The number of hands begins to be calculated after the bonus is accounted for
  • The maximum amount of a single account is US$20,000, and the bonus is deposited into the MT4 account in the form of a credit line
  • Before the completion of the number of hands to deposit again, the number of transactions need to be added accordingly
  • Customers participating in this activity may not participate in other activities of the Company at the same time, and upon discovery, shall be treated as abandoning the activity
  • After completing 30% of the amount of the CGTrade Deposit Bonus, please contact customer service registration and settlement activities
  • Application settlement will be immediately deducted bonus, within 1 to 2 working days to review the settlement, after the completion of the review of the bonus will be converted to withdrawable funds issued to the trading account
  • If the deposit is submitted before the amount of the hand is not completed, it will be treated as a waiver activity, and the bonus will be deducted in full
  • Accounts participating in the event, orders with positions of less than 5 minutes are not counted in the number of hands for the event
  • When the net value is equal to or less than the credit limit, the credit amount will be removed in full, i.e. the trading account will be flattened;
  • This event can only be registered once, can not be repeated
  • The above offers are not applicable to ECN, VIP, cent accounts and proxy accounts
  • Do not use a non-personal bank account to transfer funds.

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