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Claim $500 Rebate Bonus – MRG Forex


Get forex rebate $4 for each volume (lot) of your trade with deposit as low as $50. Claim your forex rebate up to $500 every month.

Link – Claim Your $500 Rebate Bonus

Terms and Conditions Rebate :

  • MRG forex rebate program will valid from 4th April 2016 (MRG Forex metatrader server time GMT +2).
  • MRG forex rebate program is only applied for the new application in type of account : Basic.
  • The forex rebate payment will be given to you for every trade you have made, no matter it win or lose.
  • Your forex rebate payment will be calculated by each volume (lot) from your settled transaction.
  • The maximum forex rebate payment a month is up to $500 a month for each trading account you hold.
  • Your forex rebate payment will be given in the form of equity directly to your trading account(s).
  • This forex rebate program can not be combined with other programs / promotions.
  • All of the participants of this forex rebate program agree to abide MRG Forex’s trading conditions. Violation of these points can result in cancellation of your rebate.


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