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€20 No Deposit Bonus – TMS Europe


Link – €20 No Deposit Bonus

What is the Verified Telephone Bonus

Get the €20 bonus to start trading. All new customers can test our trading platform in the live environment. Verify your telephone number and €20 will be instantly credited to your live account, and available for trading the moment you finish your live account registration

  • Available to new accounts
  • Automatically credited to your Live Account


Who can claim this Bonus

All new accounts are eligible to get €20 Verified Telephone Bonus.
How it works

  • Promotion is active between May 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2017.
  • Live account must be opened and fully verified within 6 months from the date of bonus claim.
  • You can withdraw the bonus after completing (open and close) 2.5 lots of trades on your live account within 3 months from the date of bonus claim.
  • You can receive only one Verified Telephone Bonus per account.
  • Loss can occur on credited bonus.
  • If you top up the account, losses are first covered with your deposit, in the end from the bonus.
  • If you lose your bonus and top up your account, the bonus is not refunded (e.g. Account is credited with €20. You open a trade and lose €10. Balance is €10. You top up with €100. Your balance is €110. After 2.5 lots of trade you can withdraw remaining €10 from bonus).
  • Promotion works only on TMS Trader Web Platform.


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