FBS 300% Trade To Help Bonus (COVID-19)

TRADE TO HELP – In times of pandemic, team up with FBS and invest in the global recovery. FBS triple your deposits in the FBS app – you trade and support those in need. Let’s help to save the world — this is an excellent aim to strive for, don’t you think?

Link – 300% Trade To Help Margin Bonus

This year is unpredictable, with the CoViD-19 outbreak and millions of people quarantined. But remember – this too shall pass. Meanwhile, rediscover what matters, adjust to the new world, and step back from chaos to your best self.

Make this month your season of good deeds. Pitch in to help people who are in lack of compassion and deserve a better future.

How To Register

  • Registration – From April 14
  • Trading – April 14 – May 22
  • Results – May 27
  • Open a Trade to Help account
  • Make a deposit of $100 or more
  • Get a 300% margin bonus
  • Download FBS mobile app and open account from there

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