Kridex 20% Trading Bonus & $4 Cashback

Kridex offer extra trading power up-front, take the 20% trading bonus to boost your deposit value and give yourself extra margin to take on the markets.

Link – 20% Trading Bonus

Link – $4 Cashback Rebates

Terms – 20% Trading Bonus

  • The bonus provides up to 20% trading power and can be lost
  • Welcome Bonus can be used for margin
  • Minimum deposit is $100 – Maximum bonus per deposit is $200, Total multiple claims is $5,000
  • Welcome Bonus is credited upon deposit
  • Available on: Classic account
  • Bonus available for 60 days

Terms – $4 Cashback Rebate

  • Create a live Classic account
  • Upload your verification documents
  • Deposit minimum $100
  • Cash Back will be credited automatically to your trading account or to separate account
  • Cash Back is credited instantly when trade is closed
  • Cash Back is based on 0.4 pips, the pip value of the symbol will define the notational value, e.g. 1 lot of EUR/USD is equal to $4 per lot
  • Maximum cash back is unlimited
  • Trade a minimum of 10 lots per month to qualify
  • Available on: Classic Account

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