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Market Equity Inc 20% Deposit Bonus


Market Equity Inc has provided this account to meet the request of a wide segment of clients who wish to increase the investment liquidity volume in their portfolios and achieve the highest returns on their investment in the Forex global trading world.

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  • The bonus size must not exceed $ 10.000 as the maximum bonus granted to the capital.
  • In case of withdrawal from the capital, we withdraw a bonus by a percentage of the drawdown from the deposited capital.
  • The bonus is only granted to the Bonus Account.
  • The loss of the account  (the liquidation) shall be on the capital size and does not include the amount of the bonus.
  • If the account is not traded within 60 days, the company withdraws the bonus.
  • The company reserves the right to determine the list of the participating countries in the bonus accounts.
  • Do not withdraw or redirect the bonus to any other account.
  • When the bonus is added, the customer cannot simply withdraw all his deposited funds in the account and only trade in the amount of the bonus.


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