Starfinex 20% Bonus For MAM Investor

starfinex mam bonus

Starfinex 100% Secure Company MAM Account. First time in forex industry we are providing Secure MAMM services 20% should be maximum Drawdown and if breached the drawdown level company funds the account and annually profit should be 50-500%.

Link – 20% Bonus For Mam Investor

MAMM Account

As a Starfinex MAMM Manager, you open a Starfinex MAMM Account and allocate funds to your Manager Account – this is known as the Manager’s Capital. When a MAMM Manager successfully manages investors’ funds by generating a profit, the Manager will receive a Success Fee – a pre-agreed percentage of the investor’s share of the pro.

What is MAM investing?

MAM (Multi-Account Manager) is an investment solution that allows investors to trake the markets by allowing a Money Manager’s trades to automatically copy over to their account. The process is assisted by a cutting-edge software that replicates the performance of a Money Manager in the trading accounts of mulitple investors. Compensation includes the agreed performance fee on profits made plus a management commission. Connect with Money Managers and get their trading results automatically copied in your account.

100% Transparent

The performance of our Money Managers is available to review through the Leaderboard allowing you to select based on various performance values.

Fully customizable

Increase your risk/reward in line with your financial goals by requesting larger lot sizes to be traded in your account.

Highly flexible

Diversify your investment across multiple Money Managers with various trading strategies and risk profiles.

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