SuperForex 2000% Easy Deposit Bonus

SuperForex 2000% Easy Deposit Bonus. This bonus amounts to the shocking 2000% of the deposit you choose to make. With an insignificant deposit sum such as $10 you can get a full $100 to trade with, allowing you to operate with a much greater volume than your deposit would normally allow.

Link – 2000% Easy Deposit Bonus

Terms & Conditions

The Easy Deposit Bonus, which is one of the most popular services in our Bonus Program, used to give you extra trading funds in the amount of 1000% of your deposit. Thus, it was possible to make a deposit of just $10 but have a balance of $100 on your account to use for trading.

Now we’ve bumped up the bonus all the way to 2000%! If you make a deposit greater than $10, your bonus funds will be 2000% of your deposit amount. In other words, if your deposit is, say, $20, you will get $400 in trading funds. Just imagine how many trades you could open with that money!

Please note that for deposits under $10, the Easy Deposit Bonus will still be 1000% as before. In addition, your account leverage needs to be 1:100 or lower in order to be eligible for the Easy Deposit Bonus.

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