TheLiMarkets 115% Forex Deposit Bonus

Starting from the first bonus,volume calculation continues consecutively. This simply means unless you trade the necessary volume for the first bonus, you can’t withdraw the later bonuses and so on.

Link – 115% Deposit Bonus

Link – $30 No Deposit Bonus

  • Only a verified customer can claim for deposit bonus.
  • The bonus amount of each deposit amount is 10% – 115%.On each deposit you make, you could claim 10%, 30% or 115% bonus. Also it is not possible to claim 11%, 25%, 47% or so on.
  • Unless stated, the incentive can not be applied to internal deposits and deposits from contests or promotions, etc.
  • Deposit bonus will not be credited if the free margin of your account is less than the amount of your bonus.It is also recommended that you receive the bonus only after your deposit is credited to your trading account.
  • The bonus is credited to your account and locked until the volume requirements are met. Upon completion of the necessary Volume the bonus will be deducted from your MT5 credit and deposited into your account simultaneously. The procedure is performed on a daily basis for each hour.
  • The bonus for each deposit is considered a separate bonus.

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