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World Markets – Forex Brokers Review & Rating

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World Markets Founded in 2003 as a precious metals dealer, World Markets has built a reputation as a leader in the Bullion (Gold/Silver) investment industry. In recent years, we have expanded our operations to becoming a provider of digital trading services from digital Gold, STOs and now to AI Managed Trading Accounts. We are proud to offer our services to both institutional investors such as private banks, funds, and HNW investors – as well as retail investors as well. We take pride in providing cutting-edge resources to our clients to stay ahead of all the latest investment trends and opportunities the markets present.

AI Managed Accounts

Professional traders utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence, trading millions of dollars in global markets, outperforming traditional traders/asset classes.

Gold/Silver Bullion

We offer the best spot rates on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Our suppliers ship globally and are fully Insured and Licensed.

Digital Gold

Purchase digital gold assets or physical gold bars held by a licensed institution with the ability to instantly liquidate your position for Fiat or Crypto currency.

AI Managed Account Details

  • Portfolio name: WM AI Managed Account
  • Markets: AI Mananged Trading Account
  • Strategy: Long – Short
  • Leverage: Up to 50
  • Minimum Investment: 5,000 EUR or USD
  • Inception date: Feb 2017
  • Management fee: N/A
  • Performance fee: 20% or 10% (Premier)
  • Maximum drawdown: 16.97%

Gold & Silver Bullion Products

World Markets is proud to offer a diverse variety of bullion products at the best prices, shipped from licensed dealers. In order to purchase physical bullion shipped directly to you, World Markets works with a vast network of direct suppliers. You will receive the best spot market rates, and your product will ship within 1-3 working days.

  • It has physical value – With physical bullion, you can hold it in your hand. It’s more than a certificate or a symbol or voucher of value, but actual, physical wealth. For many – that will never cease to be important.
  • Easily transferred – Precious metals can also be transferred very easily. No third-party verification, no bank accounts and with no fees. It can literally be handed over.
  • Reliable Value – It has an established, reliable value anywhere on the globe. Generally, any citizen in any country across the world will accept gold or silver as payment.
  • No counterparty risk – Most importantly, physical gold has no counterparty risk. This means that once you have physical gold in your possession, you don’t depend on another party or organization to fulfill a contract or keep a promise to retain its value. This is unlike stocks, shares, bonds and ETF’s as they require another party to fulfill their end of the deal.

Digital Gold

While most investors enjoy the luxury of being able to physically hold gold bullion, some prefer a truly “digital” holding. Gold investments are an essential part of any portfolio, as it is a great “hedge” against other currencies. Specifically, gold tends to rise in value in response to events that often cause the price of stocks and fiat currencies to decrease, and gold has maintained an incredible status throughout thousands of years of human civilization as a store of value, and has even risen in value in the long-term. It doesn’t matter whether you are concerned about political tensions, supply constraints, or inflation rates the truth is that there are

countless investors all around the world that believe that gold is a necessary part of any portfolio. World Markets understands gold’s status, which is why we are proud to offer the option of investing in “digital gold” through our premier partner, BullionVault. We want to ensure that our clients have a secure way of purchasing gold for the best price possible, and make it easier and quicker to purchase and sell gold than ever. Of course, your “digital gold” will be asset-backed by actual gold.

Self Trading

World Markets has partnered with HY Markets, one of the leading Forex brokers in the world, boasting over 40 years of experience in the sector. The customer service is impeccable, with personal account managers available for those who require it. HY Markets is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. (It should also be noted that

One of the great things about HY Markets is that it appeals to traders of all kinds. HY Markets understands that every trader has their own strategy and mentality, which is why it offers three different types of accounts, based on your experience level.


  • Fixed Spread From 1.8 Pips
  • No Commission


  • Variable Spread From 1.2 Pips
  • No Commission


  • Raw Spread From 0.1 Pips
  • +4$ Per Round

HY Markets also offers much more than simply gold and silver. Users can also trade US oil and natural gas, and many other commodities – such as sugar, cotton, and more. This makes HY Markets much more than just a simple Forex trading account. There’s a selection of Blue-Chip Trading Stocks available to users as well. One of the benefits of HY Markets is that it offers clients the ability to trade various markets in one integrated account.



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